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Reroll Expectations is an actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast following four adventurers as they run around and...... you know, adventure.

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Meet the Cast

In the magical world of Sirine, rich with history and undiscovered mysteries, lies the fate of our four ill-equipped adventurers.

"Shortwing", the druid who lost everything and wants nothing.

Arimin Fapplestamp, the scholar who seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Scar of the World.

Villif Ganderbeer, the cursed barbarian who seeks peace and quiet.

Jeff Nabors, the Dungeon Master

I've been a Dungeons and Dragons player since high school, where I was forced into being the dungeon master because my friends can't tell a story to save their lives, and now I feel like Sir Anthony Hopkins in Westworld ranting about my precious narratives. I started Reroll Expectations as an outlet for my creative writing and worldbuilding.

Hello internet, Cayce here! I'm a born and raised Erie, PA resident. You can find me getting into just about anything. Guns, dirt bikes, sailing, PC building, gaming. I am a jack of all trades kind of guy who honestly needs to settle the hell down and not do so many things. I am painfully too modest for my own good and like to look at everything from a centrist view, sort of like a mediator.

Cayce McWilliams - "Shortwing, the Druid"

Anthony Carluccio - "Arimin Fapplestamp, the Wizard"

I currently live in Chicago, IL, but previously lived in Nashville, TN and my hometown is Buffalo, NY. Outside of tabletop/nerdy games, I'm very into sports (Go Bills and Sabres!), photography, punk rock and learning about urban planning and architecture. If you're ever around, I'm going to want to ride the train with you and go to the nearest board game cafe or to a show. I've been straight edge for 10 years now, but you wouldn't know it based on my character!

I'm Aidan, or Dek by my business moniker. I'm a part-time voice actor and music producer. I've worked in the industry for a few years and have met some amazing people!

Aidan - "Villif Ganderbeer, the Barbarian"

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